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Friday, September 5, 2008

The Night of Power

In the darkness, silent whisper breeze of night,
Descended from heaven the book of guidance,
From Allah, the one to whom belongs all wisdom, might,
To intellect it brought knowledge, to heart it brought light.

To the Beloved Prophet, Muhammad, the pure, the one with open heart,
The Absolute Wisdom of Allah (SWT) did the book impart.
We too, like him, should try to be pure,
So in our hearts, as in his, Allah would His message ensure.

Try to imagine the span of Gabriel’s wing,
Descended from highest heavens the message to bring,
Yet the heart of the Prophet and his followers true
Transcend all creation when they the message include.

Time too, like space, this night is bent
Believers gather themselves, this night to repent
Return unto Allah, with sincere overture
Of all evil, and forgetfulness let your soul be spent.

-Ahmed Hussain-

On Ramadan

Of Clay and Water made are we,
In the Heart of hearts God made our souls to be,
Empty yourself of worldly attachment,
Let yourself be truly free.

Hunger is the flame that burns the dross,
Thirst, the bellow that fans the flame,
Righteous Act and Godly Thought is food for Hearts,
Return to God, feeling no shame.

Ramadan is a month of fasting true,
The reward is not reserved for few.
Lower the gaze and be not unkind,
In your heart find peace divine.

Half of faith is charity,
The other half sincerity,
Fast with intentions pure,
And in Ramadan attain piety.

-Ahmed Hussain-

The Flame

From darkness to light comes the penitent soul,
Sometimes freely, sometimes with pain,
In the end all are with the God,
To pursue this end is never in vain.

Look inside your heart you’ll find a bright flame,
Recall to mind Moses when he looked for a spark
He found a burning bush which was never consumed
Its light drove away the darkness, it was knowledge of heart.

Ramadan is a month, in which like the bush we became
Dry and withered and sometimes aflame
With the love of Allah and his Muhammad beloved
Return unto God, again and again.

Recall Abraham when he the idols smashed,
He too, like the burning bush was set afire,
Reposing in Allah, he remained in midst of cool breeze,
While the insane masses burned the pyre.

Have patience, dear friends and repose in the Truth
Even though in Ramadan we become withered and dry
God is with us watching, protecting
By the flames, his friends He’ll never destroy.

-Ahmed Iftekhar Hussain-
Washington DC