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Friday, February 15, 2008

Glory and Praise to Allah!!!

Allah is one!
Glory and Praise to Him and unto others none.
Exalt Him and surmount creation.
Adorn with ornament, the ‘Arsh His station!
And upon the soul inscribe the ink of His in-liberation!

He is Unique!
Nothing bears His resemblance of creation.
Adoration to Him belongs and all dominion.
If trees were pens and the seas were ink,
He would fail description.

Life and Death He gives!
Yet of Death no part is His and in His hands is Goodness.
And I bear witness that His Messenger is Muhammad,
Allah and His angels upon Him send Peace,
Call His praise and let sadness cease!

Praise to Allah!
Who Pours forth light, and Gives sight;
From His mysterious height Removes the veils of night!
Prayers for Muhammad of all lights the light.
Sire of them that do the right; Beloved of the Sovereign of Might.
-Ahmed Iftekhar Hussain

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