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Please check the link below. Ahmed had many, many books mash'Allah and his beloved Mother will be donating his books to a library being built in his name at a local Masjid.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

This was the posting upon Ahmed's death online:

Ahmed Hussain was an institution in the DC/Baltimore area. He was always ready and willing to support any positive activity in the Muslim community. He served as MSA president while in college and worked on countless initiatives including relief efforts, educational projects, Masjid activities, cultural programs and political empowerment. He was an energetic participant in interfaith affairs, capably representing ADAMS at several functions. He was a student of Islamic Sciences, studying under leading scholars such as Sayyid Hossein Nasr and Shaykh Taha Jabir. Deeply intellectual, he had the ability to articulate philosophical subtleties, while conversing authoritatively about any number of academic disciplines.

He was also a lover of the arts; singing qasidas and reciting the Quran melodiously, and was an accomplished poet. What we will remember-and miss-most is his friendly and deeply spiritual persona. As many can attest first hand, he was always willing to help anyone, regardless of his own circumstances. His smile was warm and constant, and it only took a few moments for a stranger to feel connected to him like family, regardless of age or gender. His positive, upbeat nature was contagious, it was impossible to be with Ahmed without feeling optimistic.

Before an emphasis on spirituality was common place, Ahmed was among the earliest to passionately remind us to reflect on the inner meaning of all our actions, and for Muslims to realize the great tradition of spiritual sciences we were blessed to inherit. In his gentle reminders he was not self-righteous, but sincere and compassionate in his desire for the ummah to increase its spiritual connection with Allah, His Messenger Muhammad (S), and each other.

While we will no longer be comforted in this life by his affectionate hugs and reassuring smiles, by his warm words and witty demeanor, his spiritual insights and deep thoughts, we thank Allah for giving us the opportunity to call him a loving brother and committed friend, and pray that Allah accepts his good deeds and grants him Jannah.

Ahmed returned to his Lord on the morning of February 8, 2006 due to heart failure, at age 31. He is survived by his father, mother, brother and thousands of friends. Ya, Allah! Have mercy on Ahmed Hussain's soul, grant him jannah, and give comfort and strength and to his family!

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