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Saturday, February 9, 2008

My friend...

Today was the 2nd year Anniversary of Ahmed's death. I cannot believe it has been two years already, it seems just like yesterday. I went to visit his grave in Baltimore, MD to pay my respects and also was introduced to his parents thankfully. It was an introduction I had been anticipating and looking forward to for two years now. I have always wanted to meet his parents because he spoke such great things about them. I always looked forward to it but always was anxious about it. They remind me of him so much, how could I face them and not cry? I was afraid I wouldnt be able to hold my composure and I couldnt handle it, so I kept my distance. I met them today and they were amazing people, God bless their souls. He was a product of great people, great knowledgeable people who have amazing intellect and amazing hearts and characters. I didn't want to leave them for a second. I could have sat with them all night and day if I was given the opportunity. They were so intelligent, so kind, so loving, so caring. It is apparent where Ahmed got his genius from, his depth and his great attitude. I have to visit them so much more from now on. Ahmed is like the exact replica of his father in character, appearance, mannerisms and speech. He looks like a perfect mixture of both parents, yet he comes to life through his father. It was amazing to see how his father sat, spoke, would look around, hold his hands, cross his leg, hold things, etc, just like Ahmed did. I got to see pictures of Ahmeds childhood and other memories. I saw his belongings put into collections. His 1,100+ books being organized in a library for him, his gifts and collectibles he received over the years from people, his swords and islamic art, his posters, etc. Some of these things triggered memories within me, causing a wave of sadness over me, sometimes putting a smile on my face as well. It was an emotionally draining day, but worth every second. I was given the privilege to meet his parents through one of his best friends, God bless him for introducting me to his parents and giving me such an opportunity. Just to hear him reminisice and recount stories about Ahmed and jokes, it made me feel so much better. I look forward to meeting more people and hearing more great things.
Life passes by within a blink of the eye. We forget this and move on with our lives not remembering how easily we can be removed from this world. As Ali (ra) says, "Remember your pride, set down your arrogance and remember your grave".
I will continue tomorrow...

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