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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Poem by Ahmed, posted April 24, 2005 online

I am blessed and cursed by memories
of you that make it impossible to despise
you, even though tears fill my eyes
every time I remember…
December… its strange that in the winter months
slick roads, snow storms and freezing cold
only brought us closer to together, I will never
forget the warmth of your embrace
Now that Spring is here, the beauty of your face
I see in every blossom, your voice in every buzzing bee-zanbur
But you’re not here to share the honey
Okakura’s Tea is meant to be bitter isn’t it?
The wine of heaven awaits me after death, although
I’m drinking tea right now, I am smelling its bouquet
and with every sip I’m realizing that either drink
takes the form of the vessel in which it resides.

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